Pizza Bob Haikus

         Everyone loves a good haiku. At least, that's what I gather. I myself had chicken pox the week haikus were discussed in third grade. I also missed some sort of demonstration involving a robot playing chess, my classmates claimed. But that is neither here nor there. In an effort to enlighten those of us who are condemned to the paradigm pushed on us by western culture that poetry should rhyme, Pizza Bob's resident wacky guy Greg has prepared some haikus. And he promises more. If we're lucky.

More Chipati Sauce
Fifty cents for great salad  
Four ounces of joy

Five bucks on Monday
For probably two meals
You are my "Favorite"

The best shakes in town
I screamed "Pizza Bob" in bed
now I'm fat, and alone

An L.S. Delight
On whole wheat bread, no mushrooms
- A Normal order


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