The Legend of Pizza Bob's
What is Pizza Bob's and why is it more than just pizza? The obvious answer is simply that Pizza Bob's is a restaurant with more items on the menu than just delicious pizza pies. This answer, however, does not take into account the meaning and the history behind the statement. Pizza Bob's has developed as a part of Ann Arbor for over thirty-five exhilarating years, and is continuing to serve Ann Arbor to this day. The tasty food crafted in this restaurant is rooted in strong traditions and mysterious allure that will be revealed for the first time ever in the text below. Enjoy and be careful with the secrets you learn.
Before there was a Pizza Bob's, a man named Robert Marsh worked as a cab driver in Ann Arbor. Although transportation for the populous is a noble calling, Robert was not satisfied. He needed something more to fill the appetites of his soul. Fate realized that Mr. Marsh needed a little shove in the right direction, and one day his cab broke down in front of a small restaurant with a help-wanted sign in the window called Pizza Loy's. Robert took the hint, abandoned his cab, and seized an opportunity to work in Pizza Loy's.



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Pizza Bob's

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