It was discovered that the manager of Pizza Loy's had a severe allergy to flour, and ingredient important in the creation of delicious pizza. This man was forced to step down from his position at the helm, and Bob Marsh became Pizza Bob. He proved quickly that with his charisma and charm he was the right man for the job. Bob had a knack for creating food that whet the public's whistle, and the subs sold today are the ones Bob himself developed. The new tastes that Bob designed attracted a set of new customers. They came for the food, and they stayed for the atmosphere. Bob became a notable figure as someone anyone could talk to about anything. He was a man that united generations and knew how to give people what they needed.
During the 1960's, while the counterculture activities in Ann Arbor tended to cause fracture in the society, Bob's warm heart and gregarious nature helped craft a community of "Bobbers." Bobbers came from all different generations, and knew they were welcome to dine with Bob, no matter what changed in the outside world. And thus, Pizza Bob was born of the public that adored him. Everybody knew Pizza Bob, and Pizza Bob made it a point to know everybody who came to see him. It wasn't long before a series of t-shirts featuring a caricature of Pizza Bob appeared to distinguish those who were part of the Pizza Bob revolution.



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