This series continues on today and still represents the community of Ann Arbor, where Bob Marsh became Pizza Bob and created the food and environment that was right for the people.
Tragedy struck and Ann Arbor wept in 1971 when Pizza Bob passed away. Pizza Bob Marsh's tradition was not to be forgotten. A fellow employee of Bob's bought the restaurant and renamed it Pizza Bob's in 1972. The innovative and delicious food would continue to be made, and the community would still be served with care. In 1974 the creative spirit that Pizza Bob nurtured poked its head into the light. The palate of Ann Arbor was changed forever with the introduction of the Chipati, a taste sensation created in the kitchen of Pizza Bob's. This often imitated, but never duplicated salad stuffed into a fresh baked pocket of bread topped by a delicious secret sauce keeps people coming back year after year. The Chipati created at Pizza Bob's became an interwoven part of the fabric of Ann Arbor.
Fueled by the success of the Chipati, the 1980's was a time of growth for Pizza Bob's. The spirit of this growth could be seen in the demeanor of the new owner, Bob Cranson. Pizza Bob was reborn, with a new dedication to the same quality that made the restaurant an Ann Arbor landmark. Pizza Bob's began racking up awards throughout the 80's and 90's for excellent handcrafted food and efficient delivery.


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