Welcome to the Content

           You may find yourself asking why does www.pizzabobs.net need to be the number one source of original content pertaining to things people employed by Pizza Bob’s care about and not just the web presence of the tastiest food Ann Arbor has ever seen. The answer is that it exemplifies just what is different about what we do here. Sure, a lot of people make pizza, but do they all have a mind to give their take on local events, sports teams, media content, video games, and the squirrels? Maybe they do have the mind, but not this forum, nor a self indulgent editor who will nonetheless demand brevity from others. So much has happened this year that to start from scratch, I will recap our take on all of it.

  • Local Events- Boy, how crazy! It could only happen in Ann Arbor
  • Sports- Those teams were ripped off by the officials blindly! Perhaps we should consider using the backups. The owners also don’t spend their money wisely.
  • Media- Those movies aren’t worth the ticket price if they have no explosions! And television has sure sunk to a new level with that new show! But luckily, those books I read were good.
  • Video games- I just found out that if I owned the Detroit Lions they would win the next two Super Bowls. That is, if they were to adjust the game to make the other teams slower and “less aware”.
  • Star Wars - So they are making Episodes VII, VIII, and IX?! I hope they incorperate Jar Jar Binks, or maybe his children. How fun would that be?
           Wow, what a year so far! Makes me want to sink my teeth into a tasty Chipatitm, what with the tasty fresh salad in baked to order bread and all. And that sauce! Makes me glad to be living in such a wonderful city, lucky enough to work for Pizza Bob’s. Be sure to check back often, as this site is a work in continuous progress. Just like Packard!